Success Stories | 01 November 2016

FRD’s effective social mobilization – Community initiated hygiene campaign on self-help basis

" Story of WASH committee, who started door to door hygiene campaign in Nawazabad, Peshawar. The committee was formed & mobilized by FRD under ‘Social Mobilization for Effective & Gender Responsive Municipal Services’ program, aimed at improving health & hygiene situation in the 25UCs of Peshawar. After the completion of project,the committee of UC Fiqarabad, by selfhelp, initiated hygiene campaign, by printing & distributing pamphlets containing message of health & hygiene.The aim was to sensitized community to contribute to the betterment of their area & to cooperate with the committees in order to maintain clean & healthy environment. "

The project, ‘Effective Hygiene Promotion through Awareness Raising and Gender Responsive Municipal Services Delivery in 25 Union Councils of Town-I, Peshawar’ has been implemented by FRD. In this regard, different activities were conducted by FRD field team including pre-project Knowledge, Attitude and Practices survey of 500 households, formation of WASH committees of the community for men and women, establishment of 125 school health clubs in the target area, to make the school children, ambassadors of behavior change regarding Hygiene and Cleanliness. FRD also carried out awareness campaigns, health and hygiene sessions, hand washing activities and basic health trainings. FRD also arranged joint meetings to fill the trust and communication gap between the community and the WSSP (Previously Municipal Corporation of Peshawar) officials to help them communicate effectively.

The project significantly improved hygiene situation in the area and effectively mobilized the committees for playing their role in personal, domestic and environmental hygiene. The one great example is committee of Nawaz-Abad, neighborhood of UC Faqirabad, Town 1. The Committee was highly influenced that after completion of project, they decided to continue this health & hygiene program (initiated by MSP and FRD), by further disseminating health and hygiene messages among the community of Nawazabad, in order to bring awareness and to bring improvement in their practices regarding Health & Hygiene. For this purpose, the committee members, by self-help, printed pamphlets and started the hygiene campaign. The members of the committee visited door to door and distributed pamphlets in the area. The pamphlets contain a very strong message of health and hygiene, its importance and ways of improvement. The community was encouraged to contribute to the betterment of their area and to cooperate with the FRD’s formed WASH committees in order to maintain clean and healthy environment. The interest of the committee members is the manifestation of the impact of the project which has been implemented in the area. It also ensured sustainability of the project as it helped in enhancing sense of responsibility, self-help and ownership among community members towards the WASH situation in their area.

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