Success Stories | 30 June 2014

A Gateway to Sustainable Livelihood

" Sitara is one of the 40 trained women who also learned machine repair during skill training provided by FRD. Now she is not only preparing sweaters and other woolen stuff but also adopted machine repair as profession. Sitara additional skill not only improved her monthly income but also made easy for other women as doorstep facilitation."

“Besides knitting I also acquired technical skill of repairing machines which not only improved my livelihood but also provided a home-based facilitation to other skilled women.”

The skilled women contact Sitara when there is a problem in their machines and Sitara charges a reasonable amount of her services and machine repairing. Sitara told that she earned PKR: 15000 last month when most of the women wanted fine tuning and minor repair of their machines to make them ready for the winter season. She expressed that the skill built her confidence to support the family and to live a dignified life. She further told that the amount earned through machine repair was further invested in buying consumables like wool and thread etc.

Sitara also shared that her new assignment “contract with a public school for school wears” is the outcome of the earning got through machine repair which enabled her to buy consumables and prepare samples for school.

“My additional skill of repairing machines not only contributed to my income but also encouraged other women to do hard work and utilize their skill for supporting their families. I am also planning to open a center where potential skill women will work together and to pool the resources for a sustainable livelihood”


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