Our Projects | 02 December 2016

Management of VRCs and Parking area

Dignified returns of the refugee population have been the top most priority of the Govt. for the last many years. The situation in Afghanistan has improved significantly over the years and both the Governments have been pursuing strategies for voluntary repatriation of the refugee population. To facilitate the voluntary returns UNHCR has established voluntary returns facilitation centers. (VRC and PCM). With recent increased influx at VRCs, FRD established new VRC center at Azakhel and Parking area at Aman garh to accommodate the large vehicles parked on the roads. FRD is also carrying out regular site maintenance activities at both VRCs and paring area.

Chamkani VRC has been the busiest recently with increase in the voluntary returns of the refugee families to their country of origin.  The existing infrastructure has been handled by UNHCR which was dealing with the low turnover of a few families on daily basis. In recent days the turnover has increased many folds with average number of 300 families appearing on daily basis for their documentation resulting in increased pressure on the facility which need further reinforcement both in terms of infrastructure improvement and changes and regular maintenance while on the other hand human resource to cope up with the increased burden. There was immense need for maintaining sanitation and hygiene in the premises for both VRC and PCM. Additionally, the facility needed proper care and maintenance on daily basis to remain operational and provide uninterrupted services to the returnee families.

To take care of both aspects, UNHCR handed this responsibility to FRD that include sanitation and hygiene services, infrastructure improvement and care, provision of food items to the families to address their dietary needs during their stay at the facilities which might take hours as well as days while they are going on their journey back home.

In addition to site maintenance of VRC there was immense need for establishment of new VRC. Therefore FRD with support of UNHCR successfully established new VRC at AzaKhel. The additional VRC has increased the capacity of the repatriation centers and facilitating speedy repatriation.

The families arriving at the VRC were coming with loaded vehicles with the luggage to carry back home and due to increased numbers the vehicles were parked on the main GT road. The parking of large number of large vehicles on the busy GT road has created traffic issues. To address the issue FRD established separate paring lot at the location of Aman Garh to facilitate the large vehicles that had to wait for days on the road for their turn.The objective is to make their stay at the facility as much comfortable as possible and to provide protection to the families with women and young children against the weather affects. 

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