News Room | 01 November 2016

FRD established parking area at Amangarh to facilitate repatriating afghan families

FRD has recently established new VRC at Azakhel to facilitate speedy repatriation of afghan refugee families. The families arriving at the VRC were coming with loaded vehicles with the luggage to carry back home and due to increased numbers the vehicles were parked on the main GT road. The parking of large number of large vehicles on the busy GT road created traffic issues. To address the issue FRD established separate parking lot at the location of Aman Garh to accommodate the large vehicles parked on the roads for days and to facilitate the waiting families by providing them safe and secure location to stay.
Amangarh camp was established by FRD - UNHCR in the month of August, 2016 in the wake of return of Afghan refugees from different cities of Pakistan. Amangarh parking area was specifically meant to provide immediate and around the clock parking facilities to the repatriating afghan families. These families had hired vehicles and approached this area long way from different cities of province Punjab and Khyber Pukhtukhwa; and were finally released to VRC Chamkani and Azakhel.

FRD is operating this camp at the instructions and directions of field associates of UNHCR. Objective of the parking area is to provide maximum space to the trucks that had been waiting up for their queue at main trunk road without water and shelter as well as causing discomfort and were proving to be a hazard on the busy road putting the lives of the families as well as the passengers in danger.

The families took a sigh of relief in taking rest at Amangarh parking area where they not only have space for their larger trucks but also have abundant clean drinking water, shelter/ waiting room, latrines and security with the financial support of UNHCR.

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