News Room | 20 October 2016

FRD established new VRC at Azakhel to facilitate speedy repatriation of afghan refugee families

FRD has been taking care of the site maintenance activities at VRC and PCM Chamkani from where the voluntary return of afghan refugee families has been taking place. Recently the pace of returns has increased significantly with average number of 700 families reporting to VRC for their documentation for returning to their areas country.

Keeping in view the increased influx at the VRC the authorities decided to extend the services and establish a new VRC. Therefore FRD with support of UNHCR successfully established new VRC at AzaKhel. The additional VRC has increased the capacity of the repatriation centers and facilitating speedy repatriation.

FRD is now carrying out regular site maintenance activities at new VRC that include Cleaning and maintenance of VRC premises, Renovation and construction of cabin, sheds, washrooms, assembly points and drains, installation of water filters etc. FRD is also providing Refreshment packages (4 small packs of biscuits, two cakes and dates) on daily basis.

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